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Systematic Review Service

What is Rayyan?

Rayyan is a tool that can help expert literature review authors collaborate on the title/abstract and full-text screening phases of the review process. 

Rayyan Systematic Literature Review Overview

Rayyan FAQ

Who can use Rayyan?
All WCMQ users who have a CWID can login and use Rayyan, as Rayyan uses WCMQ single sign on to authenticate users. If you don’t know if you have a CWID or need assistance with your CWID, please contact ITS for more help. 

Does Rayyan cost anything for WCMQ users?
No. Rayyan is provided by the Health Sciences Library to WCMQ users free of cost.

I don’t really know how to use Rayyan, can you show me and my team how to use it?
Yes. When a member of the library staff reaches out to you, just let them know that you would like a session on how to use Rayyan. 

If your question wasn't answered here or to learn more, please contact us.