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Information Fluency

How can the Library Support you?

Librarians in the Health Sciences Library can support WCM-Q community in developing students' IF skills, promoting resources that can assist students, faculty, and staff with their everyday research needs, and provide expertise in different areas by:

  • Creating online modules for your Canvas course;
  • Delivering Just-in-Time training for students, faculty and staff on specific topics;
  • Developing online guides for your students.

Option 1: Creating Online Modules for your Canvas Course

By integrating our eLearning modules in your Canvas course:

  • We develop students IF skills necessary for their academic success.
  • We provide asynchronous access through Canvas.
  • We can develop practice as well as graded quizzes to measure students' learning outcomes.
  • We can schedule face-to-face sessions with the students in a class setting for hands-on activities.

Here's an example of a full IF course integrated into an EAP course in Canvas. The online modules are complemented with bi-weekly sessions, where hands-on activities, discussions, and group activities take place.

  • Module 1: Academic Integrity & Plagiarism
  • Module 2: Different types of Information Sources
  • Module 3: Popular, Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • Module 4: Annotated Bibliography
  • Module 5: Search Techniques
  • Module 6: Citation and References
  • Module 7: Tools to Document your Search Process and Results
  • Module 8: Primary & Secondary Sources of Information
  • Module 9: Google Scholar
  • Module 10: Evaluating Resources

Option 2: Delivering Just-in-Time Training

We can also provide a focused support for just-in-time training:


  • Instructors can ask their liaison librarian to develop just-in-time (JIT) training at some point in their course if they need students to perform a precise task, develop a specific skill, or cover a particular topic.
  • Assessment can be used to measure student’s learning e.g. online quizzes and assignments...
  • If more time is available, librarians can develop class activities.
  • Just-in-time training can be delivered online through a Canvas course, or face-to-face in a class setting.


Request a Library Training or contact your Liaison Librarian and we will get back to you shortly.

Option 3: Developing Online Guides for your Students

Librarians can design, develop, and host a customized public and private guides that can be available to students, faculty, and staff.

We currently have a series of guides that you can check by clicking here.

Accessing our Library Resources through Canvas

Our Library Resources have been added to your Canvas course shell. Users can search our resources through Canvas as shown below.