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Using PubMed at WCM-Q

Off-Campus Access

In order to access PubMed and the associated library resources off-campus, complete the following steps:

1) Select PubMed from the Health Sciences Library homepage:

select PubMed from DeLib homepage

2) Enter search terms into search toolbar and click "Search".

3) From results page, you can filter by results available at "DeLib at Weill Cornell Medicine, Qatar".

4) Additionally, you can click on the title of the article in blue to get access to the abstract. From the abstract page, you will find the Full Text Links on the right side, including "Get It @ WCM-Q" click through for WCM-Q collection

sidebar with full text links in PubMed


Obtaining Full-Text from the Library

The PubMed database is predominantly comprised of citations and their accompanying abstracts.  Not all of the citations in PubMed contain full-text articles.  The good news for WCMC-Q affiliates is that the library provides access to the full-text articles for many of the citations in PubMed.

Once you have signed into the library access point to PubMed via the homepage, you can connect to the full-text at the library and see if the full-text is available for free elsewhere.

1)  After you run a search in PubMed, click on the hyperlinked title of the article so it is displayed in abstract view.  If you went to PubMed through the Library homepage, you will see the "Get It @ WCM-Q" click through for WCM-Q collection button.  Click on that button to see if the library has the full-text of the article.

2)  If you are off-campus, you will need to login for full access using the link in the yellow top bar.

3) If the article is available through the library, you will see links in the "Full Text Article" field. Select the option with the appropriate date coverage. 

Additionally, if we do not have the article at WCM-Q, you can request a copy through interlibrary loan (ILL) or search for it at one of Cornell's other libraries.  

link resolver results

Alternative Methods to Obtain Full-Text

While the "Get It @ WCM-Q" button is an invaluable tool for finding the full-text through the library, there will be occasions when you need the full-text and either the library does not have the full-text or it is a rare instance when the "Get It" button has failed to retrieve accurate results.  Below are some suggestions for additional ways to hunt for the full-text when the "Get It" button indicates that the full-text is not available at the library.

1)  Click on the publisher link in PubMed: Often next to the "Get It" button in PubMed, there will be a publisher button such as this one:   If you are on campus when you click on this button and we subscribe to the journal, it will often automatically connect to the article (but even if you are off campus it is worth trying because it might be a free open access journal).

2)  PubMed Central: Some of the articles are available for free through the PubMed Central database; if you see this button: PubMed Central Logoyou can click on it from both on and off campus to get to the free full-text

3)  Google Scholar:  Sometimes Google Scholar will have the freely available full-text of articles. if you can't get a hold of the full-text through the library, try searching for it in Google Scholar and perhaps you will have the good fortune to find it available for free there.

And remember, if you are affiliated with WCM-Q and can't find the full-text at the library or anywhere else, it is free and easy to request a copy through interlibrary loan at the library.  To submit an interlibrary loan request through the library, click here.