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Using PubMed at WCM-Q

Saving PubMed Searches and Creating Automated Search Updates

MyNCBI makes it possible to save searches indefinitely for use again in the future (this is especially nice when you have built a complicated search query and don't want to have to rebuild it again in the future).  Beyond just saving the search, MyNCBI can also send you automated search updates for your saved searches on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  The instructions for saving a search into MyNCBI from PubMed and also creating an automated search update email are listed below:

1)  To save a search in MyNCBI, after you have run a search in PubMed click on the "Save search" hyperlink located just below the PubMed search box. Note: if you are not already signed into your MyNCBI account you will be asked to after clicking on the "Save search" link

2)  Next you will be given the opportunity to name the search. After you have done that, click the "Save" button

3)  Now indicate whether you would like to receive automated email updates (if you select not to receive search updates, your search will still be stored in your MyNCBI account for future access and use). If you choose to receive updates, also select what format you would like to receive the citations in, as well as a maximum number you would like to receive at once, and also designate whether or not you would like to receive an email even if there are no new results.  Place any text you want in the optional text box and then click the "Save" button.

4)  To access and manage your saved search, go to your MyNCBI account and you will find your saved search under the name you gave it within the "Saved Searches" box.  To rerun the search, click on the hyperlinked search title; to modify the search (including deleting it or changing the frequency of updates) click on the gear icon; to look at the latest results for the search, click on the hyperlinked number under the "What's New" column.