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Using PubMed at WCM-Q

Saving Citations in MyNCBI Collections

Whereas PubMed citations can only be stored in the Clipboard temporarily, they can be stored indefinitely in MyNCBI Collections. The following instructions will show you how to add and manage citations in MyNCBI Collections.

1)  From a PubMed search results page or from within the PubMed Clipboard, mark the boxes next to the citations that you would like to add to MyNCBI Collections and then from under the "Send to" drop-down menu, click the radio button next to "Collections" and then click the "Add to Collections" button. Note: if you are not already logged into your MyNCBI account, you will be prompted to.

2) If you have an existing MyNCBI Collection, select the radio button next to "Append to an existing collection". To add the citations to a new collection, click the radio button next to "Create a new collection" and then give the collection a name.  Next click the "Save" button.

3)  To view and manage your new MyNCBI collection, go to the MyNCBI homepage and search in the Collections box for the collection you are interested in. To view the citations in a given collection, click on the hyperlinked collection title to view them in the PubMed interface. To make minor edits to the collection, such as changing the criteria by which the citations are sorted, click on the "edit" hyperlink. By clicking on the gear icon, citations can be designated as public or private. More information is provided for this in step 4. 

4)  To make a collection either public or private, click on the gear icon link a given collection (see image above). If you make the collection public, you will be provided with a URL to the collection (only those who have this URL will be able to view the collection). You will also be given a snippet of HTML code so you can embed the citations into a webpage, blog, etc. After the settings are as you like them, click the "Save" button.