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Publication Services

This Guide provides an overview of the publication services offered by the Health Sciences Library.

Visual Asset Review and Consultation

This is primarily conducted by our Visual Design Specialist, with support from others in the team as required. This service provides consultations and reviews for the visual assets for your manuscript. These could include visual abstracts, figures, photographs, etc.

  • Consultation for visual abstract / graphical assets (1-3 days)

    • Provide production guidance on the appropriate format and layout based on the intended audience for and the usage of the visual assets

    • Provide guidance on determining the most pertinent points to be communicated visually

    • Offer draft / schematic for visual abstracts to help authors to conceptualize

    • Provide resources that are useful for production or visual abstracts

  • Review of visual abstract / graphical assets (1 day)

    • Checking the format is appropriate for the target audience and platform

    • Checking the legibility and the general aesthetic of the image

    • Checking if the intended message is effectively communicated

Request Service

Request a publication service using our form, we will get back to you as soon as possible with any follow-up questions or to book a consultation.