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Finding Full Text E-Books

Accessing full text is one of our most requested services. We will cover how to get e-books online in this section and how to access full text articles in the next section.

  1. We start with a search for our topic or specific book, type the keywords into the search box and click the magnifying glass or press ENTER.

    Search box

  2. To quickly get to the e-books on this subject, select Full text online checkbox, then expand the Resource Type list and select Book Chapters and Books. Click APPLY FILTERS.

    Filter choices

  3. Our results now show only e-books. Below each title, we find View Online Access Options. Click on this link.

    Links to get ebook access

  4. A new screen appears with full text availability. Click View full text.

    LInk to full text for ebook

  5. We may need to sign in to our WCM-Q account using full email address and password. Some users may also have further authentication steps.
  6. Now we have access to be able to Download the book as PDF, Download the book as EPUB if you have an e-reader, or view the book online chapter by chapter.

    ebook search result

  7. Click 'X' to get back to the search results.
  8. Each title may have a different way of presenting the e-book, depending on the publisher. For this publisher, we can click View and download full book to get an EPUB version, or scroll through the contents to find links to PDFs or text.

    Example of how to get full text ebook

  9. Once we are back to the results page, note that at the top of the page, we have another method to sign in with our WCM-Q email.

    Image of places in SEARCH interface to Sign In

  10. Click Reset filters, to clear the limits of online books or remove each filter individually.

    Options to reset filters

Finding Full Text Articles

Once we have done a search for the item or subject that we want, continue with these steps to access full text articles.

  1. To limit our search to online articles, select the checkbox Full text online, then expand the Resource Type list and select Articles. We may also want to include similar types such as Conference Proceedings and Journals.

    Online article filters

  3. Now our results only show articles. We can see there are a number of options in green to click on to get to full text, such as Download PDF, View Online Access Options, and View Issue Contents.
  4. Click on Download PDF.

    Link to download PDF article

  5. This brings you to the publisher site where you can Download or read the full text.
  6. Going back to our results, we might see that View Online Access Options is the only link that appears.

    Option to click for online access

  7. This will bring us to full text availability through our different subscriptions, sometimes there are a number listed. Each option provides coverage dates, such as from 2001 to 2015, our current article is from 2010, so we can choose any of these options. Click the first one to get to the full text, with the options of downloading the PDF or scrolling through the pages.

    Access full text online link for article

  8. Back to our results, we also see the option to View Issue Contents in BrowZine. Click here to go to our BrowZine interface that shows the article in context within the journal. This can be helpful when doing research since there may be articles with a similar topic found in the issue.

    Link to browse journal issue in Browzine

  9. It is also possible to browse through the other volumes and issues of the journal.

    Image of Browzine journal issue results

  10. Another option we find to get full text is Read Article, click to go to the publisher or database site.

    Link out to read article

  11. We can also use other research tools to find articles, such as PubMed, Scopus, or Google Scholar. On the top menu bar, click DATABASE TITLES.

    Top menu bar with database titles

  12. Type PubMed in the search box and click magnifying glass or press ENTER.
  13. Choose the first result and click View Online Access Options.

    Click online access options to view PubMed

  14. Click on the PubMed link under Full text availability.
  15. Type the search terms into the search box, obesity AND middle east, and click Search.
  16. Once we find an article we want, click on the title.
  17. On the right side, we see full text links. Click on Get it @ WCM-Q.

    Link to Get It WCM-Q in PubMed

  18. Now we are on the familiar SEARCH page, where we can quickly Download PDF or View Online Access Options.

    Links to get to full text in SEARCH

  19. Similar Get it @ WCM-Q links exist in our major research databases. It is important to sign on to the databases via our WCM-Q library links in order to be directly connected with our collection.
  20. If there are any issues finding the full text, contact us or submit an interlibrary loan. Go to our page on this guide on interlibrary loans to learn more about getting your ILLs.