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Get More from Results

Multiple Versions

Organizing and Sharing Results

This tutorial will go into more detail about what to do with our results on SEARCH and explore additional SEARCH features, such as citation paths.

Multiple Versions

  1. We begin with a simple search using the keyword glaucoma.
  2. In our results, we will find books, e-books, articles, journals, and many other resource types.

    Image of resource type menu

  3. We can also see that some items have multiple versions.
  4. Click on 2 versions found. See all versions. Image of see all versions option
  5. Now we can see the two different editions of the e-book, one from 2015 and another from 2009. Image of different editions of ebook

Organizing and Sharing Results

  1. Going back to the results page, we have a number of useful tools that we can use to help organize and share our research.
  2. Click on the link iconLink icon to get a permalink to share with colleagues. This link will remain stable.
  3. Click on COPY THE PERMALINK TO CLIPBOARD, then paste it into a document, email, or post. Copy link to clipboard
  4. Click X to return to results screen.
  5. Click the quotation mark icon quotation mark icon to get the citation for a resource, such as an article.
  6. We can select from a number of citation styles such as AMA, APA, Chicago, and Vancouver
  7. Click on COPY CITATION TO CLIPBOARD, then paste into your bibliography or reference list. List of citations and copy to clipboard
  8. Click X to return to the results screen.
  9. To find more tools for collecting your research, click the three dots three dots icon to view more options.
  10. Here we find options to EMAIL, PRINT, add to REFWORKS, ENDNOTE, or EXPORT RIS which allows the citation to be used in a variety of bibliographic management software such as Mendeley or Zotero. Additional options to cite, print, email
  11. We can also select multiple resources to EMAIL, PRINT, or EXPORT to bibliographic management software. Put a checkmark beside each resource you want to include. Then click the three dots on the toolbar that appears and select the option that you want to manage your citations. Choose multiple items to print, cite

Citation Paths

  1. Within the results, we can also find options to expand our research. We can see that some articles have upwards and/or downwards arrow icons. citation path icons
  2. Click the up arrows to find sources that cite this article. Here, we see direct links to other articles that have used this work in their reference list.

    results for citation of article

  3. Click the down arrows to find sources cited in this article.
  4. From the citation path, we can click on Download PDF, View Online Access Options, continue on a citation string or return to the search results by clicking the back arrow search icon.

    citation paths forward

  5. These citation trails provide direct links to articles that are part of WCM-Q Library’s collection. There may be additional citations found in the references and bibliographies.