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Using Filters to Refine Search Results

Find Filters

The filters that appear on the left side of the results page can be used to further refine your results.


  • The first set of filters allows you to sort results by Relevancy, Date, Author, and Title.


  1. The Access filter allows you to either include or exclude specific resources such as Full text online, Open Access or Peer-reviewed.
    • For example, to include full text resources, check the green checkbox next to Full text online 
    • To exclude Peer-reviewed resources, check the pink checkbox next to it 
  2. Included resources are marked with green, excluded ones are marked with pink. Click on APPLY FILTERS at the bottom of the screen to refresh the results.

Resource Type

  1. You can also choose the resource type by including and excluding from the Resource Type list by using the green and pink checkboxes. Click on APPLY FILTERS to refresh the results.


  1. The Subject filter allows you to refine your results by including and excluding specific subjects by using the green and pink checkboxes.
  2. Once you select the subjects to be included and the ones to be excluded, click on APPLY FILTERS to refresh the results.


  1. You can also explore resources by choosing from the Author/Creator list and including or excluding specific authors by using the green and pink checkboxes.
  2. Make sure you click on APPLY FILTERS to refresh the results.

Publication/Creation Date

  1. You can limit the publication or creation date(s) of the results by specify the From and To date, checking the green checkbox, and clicking on APPLY FILTERS.
  2. This filter will limit results to resources published with the time span specified.


  1. The Language filter allows you to specify the resources language(s) you want to include in your results list.
  2. You can either include or exclude a language by using the green and pink checkboxes. Click on APPLY FILTERS to refresh results.