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Your one-stop-shop for information on the WCM-Q Library SEARCH.

Your Library Account

To access full text, renew items, view your library account, and personalize your results, you will need to use the One Sign In feature.

My Library Card

  1. In the upper right corner, click Sign in and enter your WCM-Q email and password, for example,

    Image of location to Sign In to library account for SEARCH

  2. Your name will now appear in the upper right corner. Clicking on your name allows you to view your Library CardMy LoansMy RequestsMy Favorites, and Search History.  

    Image of drop down menu for Library Card in SEARCH

  3. In order to view your current loans, click on Library Card. From here you can see your due dates and renew what you have already checked-out. You can also see if you have any fines or blocks on your account.

    Image shows library card details including renewals, loans, requests, and fines

My Favorites

  1. The pin icon in the upper right, takes you to My Favorites. Here you will find SAVED RECORDS, SAVED SEARCHES, and SEARCH HISTORY

    Icon of My Favorites pin Image of the My Favorites section

  2. Once you run a search and you find an item you like, you can add it to your SAVED RECORDS by clicking the pin Icon of my favorites pin.  

  3. If you want to come back to or re-use a search, SAVED SEARCHES, allows you to return to a search query by clicking Save search query. You can also use these Saved Searches to create RSS feeds and email notifications to keep up-to-date on new results.

    Image of save search query button

    Image of the saved searches in SEARCH

  4. SEARCH HISTORY lets you view all the searches you have conducted during the current session. You can then save these searches by pinning them or delete them using the garbage can.

    Image of Search History options


  1. To get targeted results, click on the Personalize toggle beneath the search box. This will bring up a selection of fields to choose from.

    Image of the Personalize Icon in SEARCH

  2. Choose the checkboxes that match your interests and click Personalize It

    Image of the options to personalize SEARCH

  3. You will notice your results have changed order according to your disciplines and you have some new choices on the left. You can select Prefer newer material or remove and edit disciplines.

    Image of the personalizations and preferences in left menu

  4. De-toggle the Personalized button at any time to get a standard relevancy ranked list of results. Your personalization will be saved in your profile.

    Image of icon to de-toggle personalization